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Ringneck Polar Camel Powder Coated Tumblers 30 oz.

  • Ringneck Polar Camel Tumblers-Powder Coated 30 oz. Double wall insulation for maximum heat and cold retention and includes clear lid. Make for the perfect gift for any cold of hot beverage lover! Also make great gifts for a wedding party or any other special occasion. Can be laser engraved to have name, initials, or any other type of wording. Can also do logos and clip-art style images. Tumblers comes in 17 colors.

    LOW PRICE $31.00

    LTM7301 - Stainless Steel
    LTM7303 - Red
    LTM7304 - Blue
    LTM7305 - Pink
    LTM7306 - Teal
    LTM7307 - Lt. Blue
    LTM7308 - Lt. Purple
    LTM7309 - Purple
    LTM7310 - Dark Gray
    LTM7311 - Navy Blue
    LTM7312 - Orange

    LTM7313 - Maroon
    LTM7314 - White
    LTM7315 - Green

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