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Medium Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad

  • Medium Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad. Size is 7" x 9". Comes in 15 different colors. Promote your business with these affordable, unique gifts. These are precision laser-engraved, NOT printed, or stickers, or vinyl, so it's permanent!

    LOW PRICE: $30.99

    GFT212 - Light Brown
    GFT213 - Dark Brown
    GFT254 - A Black/Gold
    GFT275 - Rawhide
    GFT388 - Gray
    GFT389 - Blue
    GFT390 - Rose
    GFT381 - Pink

    GFT613 - Black/Silver

    GFT714 - Rustic/Gold

    GFT783 - Cork

    GFT806 - Teal

    GFT840 - Blue/Silver

    GFT881 - Bamboo

    GFT882 - White Marble

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