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Medium 7" x 9" Leatherette Canvas Portfolio with Notepad

  • A 7" x 9" leatherette and canvas portfolio with notepad, ready to stand out with your personalized message and or image. These are precision laser-engraved, NOT printed, or stickers, or vinyl, so it's permanent!Includes 50 page lined note pad size. Inside contains an elastic band to hold a pen, pen not included. Portfolio has a magnetic closure. Available in seven colors.


    NEW LOW PRICE: $27.99

    GFT1205 Gray/Black - Black Canvas

    GFT1206 Black/Silver - Gray Canvas

    GFT1207 Rawhide/Black - Gray Canvas

    GFT1209 Blue/Silver - Black Canvas

    GFT1210 Red/Black - Black Canvas

    GFT1211 Rustic/Silver - Gray Canvas

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