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Leatherette Travel Jewelry Box

  • Engravable Leatherette Travel Jewelry boxes are compact for your suitcase or purse. The inside host's various compartments for chains, rings, earrings, or whatever jewelry you want to bring along. Personalize front, back, or both for Birthdays, Weddings, or Family Vacations, they make a perfect custom gift for any occasion. Great for bridesmaid gifts! Available in seven colors.


    LOW PRICE: $22.99

    GFT2300 - Dark Brown

    GFT2301 - Rawhide

    GFT2302 - Gray

    GFT2303 - Black/Silver

    GFT2304 - Pink

    GFT2305 - Teal

    GFT2306 - Blue/Silver

    GFT2307 - Rustic/Silver

    GFT2308 - Red

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