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Leatherette Phone Wallet with Ring

  • These high quality leather engraved card holder wallets are perfect for holding all of your essentials without having to carry around more than just your phone. They are convenient and easy to adhere to any cell phone or case. They hold business cards or credit cards. Comes in 12 different colors. Size: 2 3/8" x 3 1/8". These are precision laser-engraved, NOT printed, or stickers, or vinyl, so it's permanent!


    LOW PRICE: $11.99

    GFT1121 - Light Brown

    GFT1122 - Dark Brown

    GFT1123 - Black/Gold with Gold Ring

    GFT1124 - Rawhide

    GFT1125 - Gray

    GFT1126 - Rose

    GFT1127 - Pink

    GFT1128 - Black/Silver

    GFT1129 - Rustic/Gold with Gold Ring

    GFT1130 - Blue/Silver

    GFT1131 - Teal

    GFT1132 - Bamboo

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