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Oval Leatherette Name Badges

  • Your employees work hard to make you look good, now you can do the same for them with personalized leatherette name badges. Available in 9 different colors. Each name badge comes with magnetic attachment.
    Company logos, names and titles will look great permanently laser etched onto the surface.  Affordably priced, personalized name badges are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd at conferences and conventions.


    LOW PRICE = $4.99

    BDG101 - Light Brown

    BDG102 - Dark Brown

    BDG103 - Light Brown

    BDG104 - Black/Gold

    BDG105 - Gray

    BDG106 - Rose

    BDG107 - Pink

    BDG108 - Black/Silver

    BDG101 - Rustic/Gold

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