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Leatherette Nail Clippers

  • Leatherette Nail Clippers. Personalized Engraved. Perfect for Wedding Party Favor, Bridesmaid Gift, Wedding Gift, or Housewarming Gift. Laserable leatherette items are personalized with our laser engraver for a sharp and clean look.

    Comes in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black/Gold, Rawhide, Rose, Gray, Black/Silver.
    Size is .75 "x 3"


    LOW PRICE=$6.99 each
    GFT671 Light Brown
    GFT672 Dark Brown
    GFT673 Black/Gold
    GFT674 Rawhide
    GFT675 Gray
    GFT677 Rose
    GFT678 Pink
    GFT679 Black/Silver
    GFT680 Rustic

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