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Leatherette Journals

  • Leatherette Journals. Stay on top of everything at home, school, work and church with your own personalized journal. Easy to carry around with lots of pages for notes, recipes and new ideas or anything. Comes in 14 colors. The Black lasers in gold or silver. Rustic lasers to gold. All other colors laser to black. These are precision laser-engraved, NOT printed, or stickers, or vinyl, so it's permanent!

    LOW PRICE: $25.99

    GFT651 - Light Brown
    GFT652 - Dark Brown
    GFT653 - Black/Gold
    GFT654 - Rawhide
    GFT655 - Gray
    GFT657 - Rose
    GFT658 - Pink
    GFT659 - Black/Silver
    GFT660 - Rustic

    GFT785 - Cork

    GFT809 - Teal

    GFT838 - Blue/Silver

    GFT877 - Bamboo

    GFT878 - White Marble

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