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Leatherette Flask 6oz.

  • Leatherette Flask 6oz. This custom engraved hip flask is the perfect gift for your Bridal Party, Father's Day, stocking stuffers, anniversary, or just because it's fun to receive a personalized item. Comes in 12 different colors. These are precision laser-engraved, NOT printed, or stickers, or vinyl, so it's permanent!

    LOW PRICE: $19.95
    FSK615 - Light Brown
    FSK616 - Dark Brown
    FSK617A - Black/Gold
    FSK618 - Rawhide
    FSK619 - Gray
    FSK620 - Blue
    FSK621 - Rose
    FSK622 - Pink

    FSK623 - Black/Silver

    FSK624 - Rustic/Gold

    FSK625 - Cork

    FSK626 - Teal

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