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Leatherette Cuff Bracelets.

  • Leatherette Cuff Bracelets. Comes in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black/Gold, Rawhide, Rose, Gray, Blue, Black/Silver and Rustic. Laserable leatherette items are personalized with our laser engraver for a sharp and clean look. Size is 8.5"x .75"


    LOW PRICE: $5.99 each

    GFT740 Light Brown

    GFT741 Dark Brown

    GFT742 Black/Gold

    GFT743 Rawhide

    GFT744 Gray

    GFT745 Blue

    GFT746 Rose

    GFT747 Pink

    GFT748 Black/Silver

    GFT749 Rustic/Black

    GFT739 Teal


    LOW PRICE: $5.99 each
    Size is 9.5"x 1"
    GFT580 Light Brown
    GFT581 Dark Brown
    GFT582A Black/Gold
    GFT583 Rawhide
    GFT584 Gray
    GFT585 Blue
    GFT586 Rose
    GFT587 Pink
    GFT588 Black/Silver

    GFT737 Rustic/Black

    GFT589 Teal

    L0W PRICE: $6.99 each

    Size is 9.5"x 2"
    GFT750 Light Brown
    GFT21 Dark Brown
    GFT752 Black/Gold
    GFT753 Rawhide
    GFT754 Gray
    GFT755 Blue
    GFT756 Rose
    GFT757 Pink
    GFT758 Black/Silver

    GFT759 Rustic/Black

    GFT760 -Teal

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