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Corkscrew Leatherette Wine Bottle Opener

  • Perfect for the whole wedding party is this affordable but perfect gift. Whether you like wine, beer or both, you will be all set with the wood multi tool bottle opener. Comes with a corkscrew, bottle opener and a foil cutter/small knife and 13 colors. Whatever you want to drink - you will be ready! A great gift for groomsmen, bridesmaid or both! 


    NEW LOW PRICE: $13.99

    GFT1151 - Light Brown

    GFT1152 - Dark Brown

    GFT1153 - Black/engraves Gold

    GFT1154 - Rawhide

    GFT1155 - Gray

    GFT1156 - Pink

    GFT1157 - Rose

    GFT1158 - Black/engraves Silver

    GFT1159 - Rustic/engraves Gold

    GFT1160 - Blue/engraves Silver

    GFT1161 - Teal

    GFT1162 - Cork

    GFT1163 - Bamboo

    GFT1164 - Red

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