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Circle Metal Frame Leatherette Keychain

  • These Leatherette Keychains are the perfect economical gift for anybody and any occasion. Available in 12 colors. Laserable leatherette items are personalized with our laser engraver for a sharp and clean look.


    LOW PRICE = $6.00
    GFT2190 - Light Brown
    GFT2191 - Dark Brown
    GFT2192 - Black/Gold
    GFT2193 - Rawhide
    GFT2194 - Gray
    GFT2195 - Pink
    GFT2196 - Black/Silver
    GFT2197 - Rustic/Gold

    GFT2198 - Teal

    GFT2199 - Blue/Silver

    GFT2200 - Bamboo

    GFT2201 - Red

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