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Bottle Opener with Silicone Grip

  • These Personalized Bottle Openers with Silicone Grip are the perfect gift for your groomsmen or any favorite beer drinker in your life. Perfect for a Bar or gift for your favorite bartender. Comes in 7 different colors. Measures 7 inches in length.


    NEW LOW PRICE: $9.99

    GFT71265 - Black/engraves White

    GFT1266 - Red/engraves White

    GFT71267 - Blue/engraves White

    GFT71268 - Navy/engraves White

    GFT71275 - White/engraves Black

    GFT71276 - Pink/engraves Black

    GFT71277 - Teal/engraves Black

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