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Action Sports Resins on Wood Base

  • Reward determination and achievement with these unique resin trophies! These Action Resin Trophies will stun the whole team or a hardworking individual! The athlete in motion is set atop a wood pedestal base. Available in 3 sizes.


    All RFC-700 Series Trophies are - 6.5" = $16.99

    All RFC-900 Series Trophies are - 10" = $24.99

    All RFC-1400 Series Trophies are - 12" = $45.99


    Available in Baseball, Basketball (Boys & Girls), Cheerleader, Flag Football, Football, Golf (Male & Female), Hockey, Soccer (Male & Female), Karate, Track (Male & Female), Softball (Male & Female), Tennis (Male & Female), Wrestling and Chef (Male & Female).

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