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EXPLOSION "Burst" OVAL-Resin Plates

  • EXPLOSION "Burst" OVAL-Resin Plates are 7".5" Wide x 6" Tall. Dramatic 3D designs. This plates have the ability to Wall Mount or Self Stand. Comes in Male & Female.


    LOW PRICE: $30.95
    MX2001 - Baseball
    MX2002 - Softball

    MX2003/04 - Golf/Male or Female
    MX2005/06 - Soccer/Male or Female
    MX2007/08 - Basketball/Male or Female
    MX2009 - Football

    MX2010 - Fishing
    MX2012 - Cheerleading
    MX2015 - Eagle
    MX2021/22 - Tennis/Male or Female

    MX2023/24 - Track/Male or Female

    MX2027 - Wrestling

    MX2029/30 - Swimming/Male or Female

    MX2034 - Car Show

    MX2035 - Car Cruise

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