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Leatherette Compact Mirror

  • Searching for the perfect gift for your wedding party? Use these stylish leatherette personalized compact mirrors for your trips or give them to bridesmaids, bffs, family, friends, or anyone special. They make great birthday gifts, college student gifts, holiday gifts, or anniversary gifts. Available in 11 colors.


    LOW PRICE = $13.00
    GFT1295 Light Brown
    GFT1296 Dark Brown
    GFT1297 Rawhide
    GFT1298 Gray
    GFT1299 Pink
    GFT1300 Black/Silver
    GFT1301 Rustic/Gold

    GFT1302 Blue/Silver

    GFT1303 Teal

    GFT1304 Bamboo

    GFT1305 Red

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